Daria (that is me) watching the sunset at Peroulades beach, Corfu

I consider this blog my personal “Cabinet of Curiosities” space, where I can collect and share information and other material that make me wonder and wander. Time will show what kind of blogposts this space will share with you all, but it will definitely include some writing and photography from my part and links to articles, projects or people related to the arts, travelling, popular sciences, the Aegean Center, TED, etc. I also want to bring together here my till now scattered collection of quotes from well versed, witty, erudite and charming men and women.

Why “escape a bankrupt state”? Well, I am Greek living in Greece and these days this is not something easy or extremely pleasant. On the bigger picture all of us inhabitants of this small country live under the threat of official financial bankruptcy. But beyond economics, it seems to me that we already live with the fear of losing what we hold dear, even hope. This is becoming a state of mind, a collective mood and is steadily influencing everybody’s morale and life. This current situation in Greece is something that I have not experienced before in my lifetime and it feels as if we live in a present where no one has a good idea, a solution, a plan, or a suggestion, an a-ha moment. It seems to me that we feel bankrupt. It is from this state that I want to escape. Escape from a bankrupt state of mind.

I am a person who is generally intrigued by changes and I have “enforced” several of those in my life so far. In changing, the same as in travelling, I have always enjoyed a sense of flexibility and of space to review and update my viewpoint and lifestyle. This is not always easy, but it is definitely transformative. In this spirit I want to make use of this platform to share my overall optimism in life beyond crisis. I hold a few things very dear and I will utilize them here as guides towards this “escape” route. These are beauty, creativity, sensitivity, imagination, intelligence, co-operation, humor, the arts, humanity and wonder. There are of course people I admire, some of whom I care for and love, whose companionship might shine through these pages.

Daria Koskorou

(Spring 2012)

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Jane Pack says:

    Birthed on a stormy rain driven night, your blog has already worked its transformative power. I will look often into your Cabinet of Curiosities. Welcome to the universe!

  2. John Pack says:

    I too am with you… Let’s begin the journey! To embark upon a journey on a stormy night bodes very well indeed…

  3. Cynthia Cotts says:

    Καλή αρχή!

  4. Dimitra Charalampakopoulou says:

    I really like your project, seems helpfull and pleasant..!! Keep on Daria!!!

  5. I know that I will enjoy following your thoughts. You’re an inspiration for many including me….

  6. paris kaklamanos says:

    Nτάρια, καλή αρχή σου εύχομαι για την όμορφη προσπάθεια σου!

  7. Vassia C says:

    What an inspiring project!
    Keep up the great work

  8. spiros zachos says:

    H Daria kai to kalathaki tis!!taksidevontas sto xrono to kalatahki gemizei me eikones idees aromata geuseis…kapies fores to kalathaki arxizei na megaloni na megaloni. tote h daria benei mesa sto kalathi kai mazi me filous , mirazete to taksidi…. uporexh Daria!!!!!!!!

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