“In the struggle for expression of the self, many selves can be expressed.”

Stephen Nachmanovitch

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“The places in which any significant event occurred become embedded with some of that emotion, and so to recover the memory of the place is to recover the emotion, and sometimes to revisit the place uncovers the emotion. Every love has its landscape.”

Rebecca Solnit in ‘A Field Guide to Getting Lost’

Rebecca Solnit Quote

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“To paraphrase several sages: Nobody can think and hit someone at the same time.”

Susan Sontag in ‘Regarding the Pain of Others’

Susan Sontag Quote

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Beloved, at this moment let mind, knowing, breath, form, BE INCLUDED.

in ‘Zen Flesh Zen Bones: A Collection of Zen and Pre-Zen Writings’

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People are always talking of originality but what does that mean? As soon as we are born the world begins to act on us and this goes on to the end. And, after all, what we call our own, except energy, strength and will?


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‘Allegory reminds us that by necessity reality skids away from logic, and it is this gap, this apparent imperfection, that nourishes the sacred as the desire for and the impossibility of the union between truth and mean- ing.’

Michael Taussig

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I imagine that yes is the only living thing.

                                                           e. e. cummings

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