Networking tips (apparently)

I had some stuff sent to me from my old apartment in Athens. Opening the boxes and going through all this ‘memorabilia’ I have visited moments of a different life, my life. Among the things there was a printed out email correspondence with a dear friend of mine. We had both moved to new places at the same time, both hoping to get our networking up’n’going so we would get involved soon in projects and work with people we cared about. Talking about these steps, he sent me at the time his idea of my successful (as he saw it) networking strategy. I hate networking! It has a creepy means to an end purpose. But seeing this customised list made me think that, if this is considered a networking approach then I am probably a natural.

So here is Bernhard’s sum up of what could be Daria’s networking tips:


  1. always wear as much pink as possible and generally be gorgeous in all you do, this way people remember you
  2. always bring enough cigarettes, you might meet a smoker who ran out
  3. networking is best done either in the afternoon over long coffees, or even better after midnight over short shots


  1. never, ever give out your number to a guy who is anything less than gorgeous, that way you might get a date, if not a job
  2. collect business cards only for tearing them up into roaches, real contacts don’t give you their card
  3. do not mix your drinks, it will make you forget what you said and people will hold it against you

2 thoughts on “Networking tips (apparently)

  1. katrin says:

    I will use those networking tips, too! they are great and so funny and true 😀

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