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Celebrating a year of blogging – Celebrating science

The other day WordPress sent me a birthday note, reminding me it’s been one year this blog is up’n’running and it is meant to be growing not ageing.

I wanted to celebrate this anniversary and when I saw these following two videos yesterday, which I really enjoyed, I felt that they really  communicated what I want to be doing with this site, so sharing them here would be a very appropriate bday gift to the blog!  Because through science and entertainment they celebrate the human thought, science, art, cooperation, wonder, passion and enjoyment – which is all I want this blog to be a celebration of!

Then I thought that it might scare some of you away since they are both long videos… but my beautiful company at dinner last night was so enthusiastic hearing about them that I think they are right, I should share them here as a gift to all!

So what are these videos? They really are one video divided into two parts. They are the full recording of an event titled The Origins Stories that took place in the Arizona State University as part of its Origins Project. This event was a panel presentation and discussion on the storytelling of science by a bunch of very interesting people: Bill Nye (science educator), Neil deGrasse Tyson (astrophysicist), Richard Dawkins (evolutionary biologist), Brian Greene (theoretical physicist), Ira Flatow (science journalist), Neal Stephenson (popular science fiction writer), Tracy Day (executive director of the World Science Festival) and Lawrence Krauss (Origins Project director).

Their point was to communicate how exciting science can be and they are truly inspiring, lively, intelligent and fun to watch!

The first video is their short presentations and the second is the QA session that followed their presentation.

Fun fun fun! Enjoy them !!!

1. The Storytelling of Science (the presentations)

2. The Storytelling of Science (QA session)

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